NMOCD Regulatory Changes to Spill Response

Client: Multiple Oil and Gas Operators in New Mexico

Project:Navigating New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (NMOCD) Regulatory Changes to Spill Response

Project Characteristics:

A team of senior Ensolum consultants assisted oil and gas clients by evaluating regulatory changes and identifying potential approaches to implementation. Ensolum’s experience and deep client relationships allowed us to evaluate potential liability and specific operational challenges our clients might encounter. With a balanced approach to risk management and cost, Ensolum was able to advise clients and develop strategies and tools to make the changes as easy as possible to execute. Our solutions included:

  • Developing presentations for clients to share internally that described changes, potential challenges, and methods to avoid non-compliance.
  • Identifying risks to budgets, operations, and timelines.
  • Evaluating feasibility of potential solutions.
  • Developing time-saving tools to navigate and manage the NMOCD web portal to ensure timely responses and approvals.
  • Facilitating discussions with regulators, including reasonable questions and proposed methods of approach.
  • Developing documentation, training, and guidance for spill response programs.
  • Consulting at the beginning of projects to incorporate new expectations into project budgets, timelines, and decision-making.

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