Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Consulting


Ensolum’s staff of experienced professionals have performed thousands of projects nationwide. The projects typically include structures that are scheduled to be affected by renovation. State and federal agencies require that all buildings be thoroughly surveyed prior to being affected by renovation or demolition. Ensolum will consult with the client to determine the project objectives and develop a plan for reaching the client’s goal.

Our inspectors develop sampling strategies that are representative of suspect materials present at the building/structures while adhering to state and federal regulations. The results of the survey are typically incorporated into a site-specific project design.

Ensolum can conduct a pre-bid meeting and assist the owner with soliciting bids from area abatement/remediation contractors. Once the contractor has been selected, Ensolum will ensure that state and federal abatement notification requirements have been met.

Ensolum has a team of air monitoring technicians and licensed project managers who will verify that the abatement/remediation is performed in accordance with the project design and applicable regulations. Our project managers will coordinate with building owners, contractors, and regulatory inspectors to make certain the project is successful and the client’s goals are attained.


Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Consulting Services

Asbestos Consulting


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