Remediation and Corrective Action


Ensolum’s team members have completed assessment, investigation, and remediation projects at hundreds of industrial, commercial, and oil and gas properties, many of which have included sensitive receptors. Ensolum is familiar with the types of contaminants typically associated with each of these facilities, the processes generating the contaminants, and the physical parameters of the contaminants, especially as they relate to sensitive receptors.

In addition, Ensolum staff have successfully managed and attained regulatory closure on these sites within a variety of settings, including urban and rural areas overlying a wide range of geologic/hydrogeologic settings from interbedded sandstone and shale groundwater bearing units with low hydraulic conductivity to fractured groundwater flow through fractured and solutions limestone formations to well-sorted fine-grained sands with high seepage velocity.

contaminants in soil, contaminants in groundwater, contaminants in sediment, contaminants in surface water

Ensolum’s team has experience evaluating and remediating contaminants commonly identified in soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water in sensitive areas at various sites including sites with the following contaminant classes:

Remediation Services

Petroleum Storage Tank Removals, Soil Vapor Extraction
Human Health Risk Assessment, Ecological Risk Assessment, environmental Toxicology Evaluations

Risk-Based Corrective Action

Design and Management of Remedial Technologies

Although Ensolum provides services throughout North America, we focus our resources for cost-effective and efficient deployment to our core clients in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Hawaii.

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