Civil And Environmental Engineering Services


Our engineering team has the expertise, talent, and broad experience to address a wide range of engineering challenges and deliver sustainable solutions with flexible, customized approaches.

Ensolum provides services throughout North America. We focus our resources to achieve cost-effective and efficient deployment to our core clients in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Hawaii.

Ensolum is committed to understanding each client’s specific engineering needs and can provide cost effective solutions while providing deliverables within regulatory agencies deadlines.

Permitting and Compliance Services

Ensolum’s services encompass all aspects of environmental compliance, including developing permit applications and compliance evaluations and both designing and implementing environmental management systems. Our permitting and compliance services include:

Oil and Gas Services

Ensolum understands our clients’ needs, and we manage every project with exceptional attention to safety. We support upstream, midstream, downstream, and retail development and infrastructure across our core client focus area. Our oil and gas consulting services include:

Engineering and Compliance Oil And Gas Services

Civil Design and Water Resources

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