Industrial Hygiene for Construction Sites


Construction workers face an ever-changing variety of hazards every day.  Workers’ exposures are complicated due to the variability and duration of common construction tasks.  Tasks that can expose workers to inhalation hazards include welding, abrasive blasting, cutting brick and concrete, grinding masonry and use of solvents and corrosives.  

Our Industrial Hygiene Team can perform task-based assessments and work practice evaluations to determine employees’ airborne exposures to potentially toxic agents.  Our Safety Team can also work with the Clients to identify solutions to ergonomic hazards, fall protection issues, selection and use of personal protective equipment and electrical safety.

Construction Site Hygiene Services by Ensolum

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Count on Ensolum to Boost the Industrial Hygiene Level of Your Construction Site

Ensolum is committed to providing client-specific industrial hygiene solutions for construction sitesshooting rangesoil & gas companiesmanufacturing facilities, and a wide array of other businesses. Our industrial hygienists are committed to the recognition, evaluation, and control of acute and chronic environmental factors that impact the health of your employees. Ensolum utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to identify and assess hazards in the workplace, and our third-party laboratories examine the findings to provide quick and accurate data. 

To learn more about our services or request an assessment, be sure to contact Ensolum online or give us a call at 844-500-7775.

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