Industrial Hygiene Services for Shooting Ranges

Industrial Hygiene for Shooting Ranges

Shooting ranges present multiple types of potential health hazards to employees.  Hazards range from airborne and surface lead exposure to high noise levels. Shooting ranges should be designed to provide proper ventilation to maintain airborne lead exposures less than Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) exposure limits.  Noise levels should also be maintained whether by using engineering controls or the proper type of hearing protection.

Our Industrial Hygiene Team can assist your shooting range in the proper design of ventilation systems to properly capture airborne lead particulates. We can also provide exposure monitoring to determine compliance with OSHA Lead Standard as well as developing and implementing a Lead Management Program.  Our Team will utilize our expertise in developing a Hearing Conservation Plan to properly protect your employees to high noise levels. 

Shooting Range Hygiene Services by Ensolum

  • Lead Exposure Monitoring
  • Lead Exposure Plan Development
  • Hazardous Materials Training and Program Development
  • Ventilation surveys
  • Noise exposure monitoring

Trust Ensolum to Improve Industrial Hygiene at Your Shooting Range

For the best client-specific industrial hygiene solutions for your shooting range, the company to contact is Ensolum. Our industrial hygienists are committed to recognizing, analyzing, and solving issues that create sickness, discomfort, and impaired health among your workers. Ensolum's state-of-the-art equipment and third-party laboratories provide quick and accurate data to solve environmental issues at shooting ranges, manufacturing facilitiesoil & gas companiesconstruction sites, and more. When you need our services, contact Ensolum online or give us a call at 844-500-7775.