William Weinlein


William “Bill” Weinlein, a Principal at Ensolum, is a licensed Professional Geoscientist in Texas and Louisiana. He has nearly a decade of practice in environmental consulting. A native northeasterner, Bill holds a B.S./certification from Rutgers University in Geology, Marine Science and Environmental Geomatics. Following completion of a M.S. at Texas A&M University in Geological Oceanography, he and his family settled west of Houston. From then, he has pursued opportunities both personally and professionally.

Bill’s focus across multiple disciplines includes site investigation, remediation, air/water/waste compliance, pre/post acquisition due diligence, and pipeline/asset modification and construction. His work across the Gulf Coast region is rooted in high quality field work, management and communication. Bill contributed to numerous emergency response efforts for small and large volume spills of petroleum hydrocarbons and refined products, brine/produced water, inadvertent return material, and various other contaminants. As a result, he has worked alongside clients with property owners, stakeholders and regulators from the EPA, TCEQ, RRC, TxDOT, LDEQ, LDNR, TDSHS and local municipalities/districts. These collaborations have succeeded to achieve project objectives ranging from spill closure approval and restrictive covenants to permit amendments and management plans.

While partnering with stakeholders and regulators, fostering strong dialogue with clients has been key for him. He optimizes solutions that have been protective of human health and the environment which are cost effective and defensible. In addition, Bill and his team have supported clients’ needs in both greenfield and brownfield scenarios. These involved storm water, site inspections, safety, training, contingency planning, informal auditing, suspect asbestos containing material/lead based paint surveys/abatement and natural disasters.

About Ensolum, LLC Ensolum is a client-focused company that delivers environmental, engineering, health, safety, and industri­al hygiene services throughout the US. Ensolum offers comprehensive professional and field ser­vices. The company assesses, prevents, and remediates environmental issues related to water, soil, waste, air quality, and facilities. Moreover, Ensolum combines sustainable environmental solutions with forward thinking, cost effective, innovative and value-added technologies. Ensolum balances its clients’ economic resources and environmental challenges to provide clients with a competitive advantage.

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