Jeremy Espinoza

Associate Principal

Mr. Jeremy Espinoza is a senior geologist with over 10 years of experience in spill response, compliance, and remediation for oil and gas, manufacturing, and private development clients. He has in-depth knowledge of environmental site assessments and has developed a strong understanding of how environmental liabilities impact business. His technical background allows him to develop and execute innovative, but practical, solutions to complex problems. He has extensive experience in project management, technical report writing, regulatory negotiations, and the design and implementation of a variety of remediation technologies, including air sparge, soil vapor extraction, in situ chemical injection, LNAPL recovery, and bioremediation.

He currently manages large client programs, leading multi-faceted teams that provide responsive, technical, and cost-effective environmental services.

About Ensolum, LLC Ensolum is a client-focused company that delivers environmental, engineering, health, safety, and industri­al hygiene services throughout the US. Ensolum offers comprehensive professional and field ser­vices. The company assesses, prevents, and remediates environmental issues related to water, soil, waste, air quality, and facilities. Moreover, Ensolum combines sustainable environmental solutions with forward thinking, cost effective, innovative and value-added technologies. Ensolum balances its clients’ economic resources and environmental challenges to provide clients with a competitive advantage.

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