Ashley Ager


DALLAS, Feb. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ensolum, LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Ashley Ager, Program Director in a new Durango, Colorado office. Ms. Ager will expand Ensolum’s presence in Colorado, New Mexico, and West Texas and play an integral role in developing new business, deepening and expanding existing client relationships and managing and mentoring staff.

Ms. Ager is a geologist bringing more than 20 years of well-balanced expertise in environmental assessment, remediation and compliance projects, primarily for oil and gas clients. She understands how to develop the necessary resources and strategies for clients to complete projects that are high in quality, meet legal requirements, and are both safe and efficient. Her primary focus is evaluating operating risk and correcting environmental impacts to provide clients with practical solutions to environmental problems associated with their operations or acquisitions. She has developed a level of understanding required to interpret environmental regulations, negotiate with regulatory agencies on behalf of clients, and design approaches to pending regulatory changes. She can clearly communicate technical concepts and issues, particularly for projects that include complex analyses and controversial public policy and planning issues.

“We are thrilled that Ashley has joined the Ensolum team to provide regional leadership and senior technical expertise,” states Liz Scaggs, Principal of Ensolum. “Ashley’s excellent professional reputation and extensive expertise will be an asset to our team and provide learning and mentorship opportunities for Ensolum staff. Her contributions will positively impact both Ensolum and our clients nationwide.”

About Ensolum, LLC Ensolum is a client-focused company that delivers environmental, engineering, health, safety, and industri­al hygiene services throughout the US. Ensolum offers comprehensive professional and field ser­vices to assess, prevent, and remediate environmental issues related to water, soil, waste, air quality, and facilities. Ensolum combines sustainable environmental solutions with forward thinking, cost effective, innovative and value-added technologies that balance our client’s economic resources and environmental challenges and provide our clients with a competitive advantage.

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