Ashley Ager


Ms. Ashley Ager is Principal and CEO at Ensolum, bringing more than 25 years of well-balanced expertise in environmental assessment, remediation, and compliance. She manages clients and offices throughout the West, providing technical oversight and developing the necessary resources and strategies to complete projects that are high quality, meet legal requirements, and both safe and efficient. While her technical background is in soil and groundwater investigation and remediation, her primary focus is evaluating operating risk and correcting environmental impacts for clients in a variety of industries. Ms. Ager seeks out practical solutions to environmental problems by interpreting environmental regulations, negotiating with regulatory agencies on behalf of clients, and designing approaches to pending regulatory changes. She is able to effectively communicate technical concepts and issues with projects involving complex analyses and controversial public policy and planning matters. She is also responsible for profitable performance of multiple business units and management of Ensolum employees.

About Ensolum, LLC Ensolum is a client-focused company that delivers environmental, engineering, health, safety, and industri­al hygiene services throughout the US. Ensolum offers comprehensive professional and field ser­vices. The company assesses, prevents, and remediates environmental issues related to water, soil, waste, air quality, and facilities. Moreover, Ensolum combines sustainable environmental solutions with forward thinking, cost effective, innovative and value-added technologies. Ensolum balances its clients’ economic resources and environmental challenges to provide clients with a competitive advantage.

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