Industrial Hygiene Services for Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare workers face a wide range of hazards on the job, including microorganisms, sharps injuries, harmful exposures to chemicals and hazardous drugs, respiratory exposures, ergonomic injuries and radiation.  Exposures range from antineoplastic drugs in the pharmacy to Formaldehyde, Xylene and Alcohol in the lab to Waste Anesthesia Gases in Surgery. Recent events have reinforced the need for proper selection and use of Personal Protective Equipment, including Respiratory Protection.  

Shifts in population and the need to provide more healthcare resources have resulted in a major expansion of healthcare facility construction. Healthcare construction projects present unique challenges to prevent patient exposures linked with healthcare-associated infections.

Flooding and water loss events in healthcare facilities present potential exposure to airborne and surface bacteria and fungi to patients and staff.  Exposure to many types of airborne fungi and bacteria present serious potential health consequences to immunocompromised and other susceptible patients. 

Waste management in healthcare settings is essential in minimizing exposure to employees and the environment.  Healthcare facilities produce diverse waste streams including toxic pharmaceutical and biological wastes.

Our Industrial Hygiene Team is uniquely qualified to provide any and all types of support to the Healthcare Industry.  We utilize the latest technology to identify and eliminate potential health hazards.

Healthcare Hygiene Solutions

For medical and healthcare facilities, we follow a strict process to ensure the most detailed job to reduce risks for doctors and patients alike. Our industrial hygiene process consists of the following measures:

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When it comes to healthcare and the cleanliness of your facility, there are no exceptions to our strict and proven procedure. We will assess, identify and measure all potential stressors that could cause health risks so we can provide the necessary solution. At Ensolum, we pride ourselves on our attentive industrial hygiene services and sustainable environmental solutions, so you can trust us to handle your medical facility with care.

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