COVID-19 Employee Screening Services by Ensolum


Fever is a common symptom of COVID-19. Telethermographic systems are able to determine surface skin temperature, which is then used to estimate the temperature at a reference body site (e.g., oral, tympanic membrane). The advantage of using telethermographic systems for initial temperature assessment for triage use is the potential use in high traffic areas (e.g., airports, businesses, warehouses, factories). The shorter measurement cycles also limit the amount of time waiting in line while maintaining social distancing.

Many Municipalities and States have established requirements for Employers to conduct Temperature Screening for employees and visitors prior to entry into their facility. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also issued COVID-19 specific guidance for employers to implement health evaluations, including temperature screening.

The Ensolum Industrial Hygiene Team can develop a Temperature Screening Plan appropriate for your facility based on your physical layout and employee staffing structure. We will determine the best method to perform the screening while using FDA-approved telethermographic equipment. We can choose from a variety of equipment, including cameras that do not require entrants to stop while passing in front of the camera to have their temperature measured. All temperature screening equipment will be non-contact to minimize exposure potential. Ensolum can also provide medical or safety personnel to operate the equipment and screen the employees and visitors prior to entry.

Temperature Screening

Rely on Ensolum to Help Your Company Establish Covid Post Cleaning Verification

When it comes to potential health risks for employees at work sites, Ensolum is an established expert in that arena. We follow a strict process to create healthcare hygiene solutions for our customers. We are used to dealing with toxic substances such as asbestos & lead-based paint, as well as mold and environmental issues. Our crews can provide an unsurpassed level of screening & precautions to keep your employees safe from the impact of COVID-19 with video surveillance, atmosphere monitoring, and more. When you need our help, contact us online or give us a call at 844-500-7775.

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