Post-Hurricane Emergency Response

Project: Post-Hurricane Emergency Response

Client: Confidential

Location: Lake Charles, LA

Completed: October 2020

Project Characteristics: During the Post-Hurricane Emergency Response Project’s first phase, Ensolum performed fungal assessments at over seventy-five buildings to develop a fungal remediation plan.  The Ensolum Industrial Hygiene Team provided on-site project management and scope interpretation for the four-month remediation project.  Upon completion of each phase of the remediation, Ensolum performed visual assessments to verify that the remediation was properly completed, followed by surface and airborne fungal sampling. 

The project’s second phase involved a fungal assessment and remediation of a 350,000 ft2 educational and sports complex.  Ensolum performed a fungal assessment of building materials impacted by hurricanes.  A fungal remediation protocol was developed incorporating the visual assessment and fungal analysis results.  Ensolum developed a bid package for remediation contractors and assisted the owner with selecting the remediation contractors.  Ensolum provided on-site project management and scope interpretation throughout the eight-month remediation project.  A visual assessment and post-remediation fungal sampling were performed at the conclusion of each remediation phase.  The remediation project was completed under budget and before the owner-mandated completion date.


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