Methane Flux Monitoring

Client: Confidential

Project:  Methane Flux Monitoring

Ongoing Projects in La Plata County, and Las Animas County, Colorado  

Project Characteristics:  Ensolum, LLC (Ensolum) geologists conduct flux measurement data collection of methane, carbon dioxide (CO2), and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) stemming from gas seeps in the local Fruitland and Vermejo formations as a part of years-long methane monitoring programs. GPS navigation along with site-specific assessment is used to collect thousands of data points.  The objective of the methane seep monitoring programs is to observe and document the relative change in methane seepage from geologic and anthropogenic sources over time and space. In total, the scope of work provides an efficient and repeatable means to characterize gas seepage in the project areas.

methane flux monitoring

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