Limited Site Investigation and Closure Reporting


Ensolum and their subcontractors conducted deep soil borings to identify chemicals of concern (COCs).

Shelby County, TX

Project Characteristics:

Ensolum was engaged by a reputable engineering firm on behalf of their upstream client to evaluate the corrective actions performed by others following a release of crude oil. Ensolum and their subcontractors advanced deep soil borings at the project to evaluate the presence/absence of chemicals of concern (COCs). The investigation found that corrective actions had been performed in accordance with the RRC Field Guide for Reportable Surface Releases of Crude Oil in Non-Sensitive Areas, therefore, Ensolum prepared a Closure Report that was approved by the RRC. On short notice, Ensolum performed a NORM survey to facilitate Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) permit renewal required at the facility. The survey included variable measurements on aboveground storage tanks, washers and shakers.

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