Groundwater Investigation / Mobile Dual-Phase Extraction (MDPE)

Client: Adams County Colorado/Public Works

Project:Annual Pond – Channel Inspections

FEMA Floodplain Management Community Rating Scale (CRS)

Project Characteristics: Adams County strives not only to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its citizens, but also to provide an inspection program that achieves the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) stated goals and exceeds the minimum requirements for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), thereby offering discounted flood insurance premium rates. By implementing this inspection program, Adams County helps reduce the socioeconomic impact of floods, reduces and avoids flood damage to insurance property, strengthens and supports the insurance aspects of the NFIP, and fosters comprehensive floodplain management. This program will also serve the citizens of unincorporated Adams County by reducing flood risk and providing discounted flood insurance premiums. The County has already demonstrated the desire to promote flood risk minimization and stewarding public and policy interest by funding this effort.

Ensolum has been in the business of conducting inspections of ponds and other detention facilities, channels, natural flood attenuation drainage features, and municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) for a variety of public and private owners and operators.

Ensolum was contracted to assist Adams County with over 600 pond site inspections and nearly 38,000 linear feet of channel inspections. Ensolum was tasked with establishing an inspection program that not only exceeds the minimum requirements of the NFIP, but also be a shining example as one of FEMA’s exemplary CRS participating communities.

Ensolum then implemented the inspection program for the ponds and channels, reaching out to landowners prior to accessing private property to conduct field inspections. Photo documentation and inspection data was recorded and saved. Corrective measures such as clogged trash racks, obstructed outlet structures and sediment laden trickle channels were identified and sent to the pond owners to address. Throughout the project Ensolum provided Adams County with detailed info regarding the pond and channel status.This inspection program is a multi-year contract and provides Adams County with updated pond and channel conditions for FEMA reporting.

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