Confined Space Entry and Rescue training

Why did the customer contact us?

Ensolum was retained by Aloe Vera of America to provide customized classroom and on-site practical training for their employees who were participating on the Confined Space Entry and Rescue Team. Aloe Vera of America utilizes numerous process tanks and vessels; employees are required to enter for cleaning and maintenance procedures. In order to protect their employees and comply with 29 CFR 1910.146 initial and annual training is required.

Solutions provided:

Ensolum provided the client with a combination of initial Confined Space Entry and Rescue training and refresher Confined Space Entry and Rescue training. The project consisted of completing both initial and refresher Confined Space Entry and Rescue training.

Ensolum’s expert trainers completed a pre-training site reconnaissance to familiarize themselves with the facility, its operating procedures and its permit-required confined spaces. Ensolum then returned to the facility in order to conduct the customized training. Ensolum led a classroom portion of training which educated participants of the physical and chemical hazards of their specific confined spaces and familiarized them to the specific equipment and personal protective equipment they would be required to use. Following the classroom portion of the course, Ensolum trainers provided participants with scenario-based practical training including purging, ventilation calculating, life support system design, vertical and horizontal entry and rescue, etc.

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