Asbestos Management Plan & Testing

Why did the customer contact us?

Ensolum, LLC updated an existing asbestos management plan and performed a reinspection of previously identified ACM for a charter school in Dallas & Ellis County. In addition, Ensolum collected suspect ACM samples of materials that were not previously sampled.

Ensolum was provided a management plan prepared in 1998 and several asbestos survey reports for review.

Solutions provided:

As a part of the services provided, Ensolum conducted a file review of the previous management plan and survey reports. Ensolum then deployed a team of inspectors to filed verify reports and to collect samples of suspect ACM that had not been previously tested. More than 300 samples were collected during the reinspection.

Ensolum updated the management plan which fulfilled all requirements by the EPA’s Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act for developing and maintaining an asbestos management plan. The management plan included results and asbestos survey reports of the recently sampled materials and descriptions of abated areas.

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Ensolum Asbestos Management Plan

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