Asbestos Consulting Services

Why did the customer contact us?

Ensolum has been providing certified industrial hygiene support to numerous clients in various industries, including foundries, as they strive for compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) new respirable crystalline silica rule, which lowered the Permissible Exposure Limit.

This specific client is a fully-functional foundry which utilizes sand during the process of forming components and parts which are forged.

The project consisted of on-site personal exposure monitoring of various employees representing multiple job descriptions and tasks in order to determine the exposure to crystalline respirable silica.

Solutions provided:

Ensolum was retained by the client to provide certified industrial hygiene consulting services to help the client achieve compliance with the new respirable crystalline silica rule. Ensolum worked with the client to identify employee risk potential and developed a personal exposure monitoring sampling plan which would accurately identify employee exposures. Ensolum collected the on-site samples during a heavy work shift and analyzed the third-party data provided by the accredited laboratory. Ensolum is currently providing the client with engineering and administrative control recommendations which when implemented, will create complete compliance with OSHA’s new respirable crystalline silica rule.

View of abated restroom

View of abated flooring

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