Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence on Facility Expansion

Why did the customer contact us?

Ensolum performed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of a property near an existing client’s facility for potential purchase relating to infrastructure expansion.

Solutions provided:

During pre-acquisition due diligence, Ensolum discovered the presence of plugged and abandoned oil and gas wells from historic exploration and production activity dating to at least the 1930s. Inadequate records presented a data gap and need for further research. Ensolum was able to determine that the documentation of the decommissioned wells were available from the Railroad Commission of Texas, however their location could not be confirmed from records or Site reconnaissance. Therefore, Ensolum recommended the client perform a geophysical survey if the property was purchased and prior to the start of any construction activity to pinpoint the locations of any issues of concern. Additionally, Ensolum learned the Site was transected by an unmarked pipeline that was found in records, but not the Site visit. The recommended geophysical survey could also provide insight into locating the pipeline if not marked by the appropriate stakeholder.

Ensolum Environmental Site Assessment

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