Asbestos And Lead Based Paint Services

Asbestos & Lead-Based Paint Services

Ensolum’s proven professionals have extensive experience in providing Industrial Hygiene services such as asbestos, mold and lead-based paint consulting services.

Our asbestos consulting services include:


  • Building surveys
  • Management plan preparation
  • Abatement project design development
  • Air monitoring
  • Project oversight
  • Pre-bid meetings with contractors
  • Bid evaluations

Our inspectors develop sampling strategies that are representative of suspect materials present at the building/structures while adhering to federal regulations. Results can be incorporated into a specific site-abatement project design.

Our team of air monitoring technicians and project managers will ensure that the abatement is performed in accordance with the project design and applicable regulations. Although Ensolum provides services throughout North America, we focus our resources for cost-effective and efficient deployment to our core clients in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Hawaii.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any environmental consulting needs at 844-500-7775

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