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Asbestos Abatement Oversight

March 2, 2020 | Dallas, TX

State and Federal regulations require that a thorough asbestos survey be performed in a building prior to demolition or renovation activities. If asbestos is identified, a licensed asbestos abatement contractor must remove the asbestos-containing materials prior to demolition. The asbestos must be removed in accordance with an abatement project design ...

Apartment Complex Fungal/Mold Issue

Texas, US

Ensolum, LLC provided fungal consulting services including the investigation, scope of work development and post-remediation clearance of multiple affected units. Ensolum assessed each affected unit for both water-damaged and fungal-contaminated building materials and contents. Representative asbestos samples were collected from building materials expected to be disturbed or removed during remediation. ...

Foundry Respirable Silica Exposure Monitoring

Texas, US

Ensolum was retained by the client to provide certified industrial hygiene consulting services to help the client achieve compliance with the new respirable crystalline silica rule. Ensolum worked with the client to identify employee risk potential and developed a personal exposure monitoring sampling plan which would accurately identify employee exposures. ...

Asbestos Consulting Services

Texas, US

The project consisted of removing floor tile and mastic throughout the building. In addition, ceramic tile mortar was removed from the second through tenth floor of the tower (example are Photos 2 and 3, below). As a part of the services provided, Ensolum assisted with soliciting bids from asbestos abatement contractors and ...

Commercial Environmental Conditions Testing

Hawaii, US

The project consisted of completing one (1) ASTM E1527-13 and AAI-compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, a Limited Site Investigation, Remediation and Site Closure. Ensolum identified Recognized Environmental Conditions during the completion of the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment. A Limited Site Investigation (Phase II ESA) was completed which included ...

Massdec, LLC - On-site Safety and Health Consulting

Hawaii, US

The project consisted of pre-purchase health, safety and environmental due diligence, and is currently in the site work stage of redevelopment. Ensolum was retained by Massdec, LLC to provide a qualified Site Safety and Health Officer (SSHO) to verify that the contractors, guests, regulators and visitors were properly protected from ...

Confined Space Entry and Rescue training

Texas, US

Ensolum provided the client with a combination of initial Confined Space Entry and Rescue training and refresher Confined Space Entry and Rescue training. The project consisted of completing both initial and refresher Confined Space Entry and Rescue training. Ensolum’s expert trainers completed a pre-training site reconnaissance to familiarize themselves ...

Asbestos Management Plan & Testing

Texas, US

As a part of the services provided, Ensolum conducted a file review of the previous management plan and survey reports. Ensolum then deployed a team of inspectors to filed verify reports and to collect samples of suspect ACM that had not been previously tested. More than 300 samples were collected during ...

Crude Transmission Pipeline Corrective Action

Texas, US

  Ensolum personnel provided environmental consulting services in association with a release of crude oil from a pipeline pump station. The scope included subsurface investigation, risk-based assessment, and remediation utilizing the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) Field Guide for the Assessment and Cleanup of Soil and Groundwater Contaminated with Crude ...

Petroleum Products Terminal Environmental Consulting Services

Texas, US

The project site is an operating refined petroleum products terminal located in Fort Worth, Texas. During the completion of due diligence activities related to a real estate transaction at an adjacent property, petroleum hydrocarbons were identified in soil and groundwater as a result of a release from the pipeline manifold ...

Schkade Production Company- Subsurface Investigation, Geologic Unit Evaluation and Fate & Transport Modeling

Texas, US

A hydrocarbon and produced water seep was identified in a creek which traverses the site. The producer immediately terminated production operations at the site in accordance with RRC instructions. The seep was identified in the creek to the east of the suspect injection well. The RRC requested the producer initiate ...

Crude Oil Bulk Storage Terminal and Transmission Hub

Harris County, TX

Multiple projects were completed as Ensolum supported more than half a dozen assets within the client’s facility. Each project consisted of coordinating discharge sampling with the maintenance/construction team scheduled on short notice for work after hours and through weekends. Ensolum remained fluid in availability so that sampling and ...

Refined Petroleum Product Pipeline

Grimes County, TX

The project consisted of performing soil screening/sampling and documenting response action effectiveness according to the TCEQ Chapter 327 Spill Rules to the cleanup standards of the Texas Risk Production Program 30 TAC Chapter 350.

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence on Facility Expansion

Nueces County, TX

During pre-acquisition due diligence, Ensolum discovered the presence of plugged and abandoned oil and gas wells from historic exploration and production activity dating to at least the 1930s. Inadequate records presented a data gap and need for further research. Ensolum was able to determine that the documentation of the decommissioned ...

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